Sydney Deco Style
If you happen to walk through the Argyle Cut at The Rocks, be sure to look up and you’ll see Sydney Deco Style. This artwork was inspired by the pedestrian entrance leading to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The building is situated on Watson Street, just above the Argyle street tunnel. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened on 19th March 1932 when Art Deco was the cutting edge in design.
In my opinion, the avant-garde boldness for the style of the stairs has been lost because it has been surpassed by the iconic steel arch of the bridge.  I have tried to redress this architectural imbalance by capturing the simplicity of the building. A structure with stairs that’s been ferrying walkers across Sydney Harbour for nearly a century.  
One of the best times to see the entranceway is during twilight when long shadows travel across its aged walls of concrete. I was mesmerised by the soft green light emitted from the vestibule in this image. The colour combined with the shadows remind me of the illustrations in a child’s storybook. I feel like this building belongs in the Emerald City; this is the entrance to a great palace where the Wizard of Oz can grant a person’s wish.

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