The Road To Providence
The road to Providence Portal has been a place of spiritual comfort each time I’ve visited the Snowy Mountains.
I first stayed at the Providence ski lodge - on the shores of Lake Eucumbene - with my family when I was 13. This painting was inspired by photos I’d taken of the lake when I was 15. This bare tree, next to a rocky road that winds its way to the icy waters of the lake, is my favourite image.
Through the wonder of Google maps, I was able to visit Providence Portal after I finished this project. I was motivated to find the spot where this sculpture of a bare tree had stood four decades ago. I was surprised to see that an angler had uploaded a photo that I’m sure could’ve been taken on the spot where this proud tree once stood.
I have transcribed the scene into a grey tone artwork and selected pink and purple for the main feature. Using a grey-white palette reminded me of the alpine landscape after it’s been dusted with soft snowfall. I remember walking into the dining room of the Providence Mountain Lodge to be mesmerised by a lake view rich in texture and changing light.

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