Carriageworks Art Show
Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2018
A visitor walks by a light sculpture at the Carriageworks Art Show in Sydney. The sculpture is called the Four Immeasurables, by Lindy Lee. Lee’s amazing sculpture was inspired by Zen Buddhism and each piece represents an expression of human emotion. These are; love, joy, compassion and equanimity.
My camera lens caught three of the four emotions as this young woman walks towards the green exit light. I would like the viewer of the painting to believe the three pieces shown are statements of love joy and compassion. While the fourth missing sculpture, equanimity, has been replaced by the young woman walking with poise and grace.

In her right hand she holds the Fair Guide for the art show, while on her left she has her coat draped over the side of her arm. The camera lens captured her foot just as it leaves the shiny concrete floor. And as the daylight shines through the sunglasses balanced on the top of her head.

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