White Horses
Listening to Jazz while thumping a paintbrush of titanium white against a stretched canvas drum has created this painting called, “White Horses”.
It was inspired by a storm surge off the Narrabeen coastline in June 2016. It was the same storm inspiring my illustrated project entitled “Water Storm”. White Horses continues the story by depicting five streams of water. A final sixth strand is hidden and symbolises the observer’s own imagination.
Streams one and two, at the front, has a calm and peaceful surf closest to the spectator. The water dances and percolates forward in strand two, while the water curls, twists, and froths around seaweed in strand one.
Moving across the frame a wall of swollen water builds horizontally behind the first two strands. Strand three is getting ready to invade the front of the painting and replenish the seaweed with fresh froth and bubble.
Watercourses four and five release vast amounts of force. Stream five sends plumes of white mist up against the blue sky and produces a main of green white water plunging down to four. Strand four rises to compete against the plumes of mist by using the suns shadows. The shadows produce prancing white horses, with long white and silver-grey manes. 
The five streams collaborate to tell a story of the powerful forces of nature revealed in the sea storm. In harmony the five streams spark the viewers senses, and the observer creates a sixth strand from the painting, by using their unique and creative imagination.
Thank you for your interest - Soulassets.com

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