Water Storm
In June 2016 the Sydney coastline was besieged by a water storm of rolling waves and scowling blue-green skies. The Collaroy peninsular is a popular vantage point for those that love the ocean and over the next few days, after the rain cleared, the surf surged towards our coastline.
The gale force winds, rain, and waves started battering the Collaroy coastline on the 5th of June and within 18 hours images flooded front page newspapers of houses teetering on sand cliffs and swimming pools washed to sea. It was a frantic time for beachside residents and emergency services. The local community rallied night and day and sand bagging was commenced to try and save property.
“Water Storm” is an artwork that tells three separate stories about water. The first story is about dancing water as it crashes against the concrete structure. In the photo inspiring me to paint “Water Storm” a camera shutter speed of 1/350th of a second has suspended water in time. I have featured this structure many times in coastal photos with the pale yellow-orange cement and the way it deepens in colour when battered by water. I like how the iridescent white sea spray appears to dance over the water outlet in the centre of the frame, whilst behind a wave surge rolls forward.  The second narrative is at the top left of the painting with a mighty wave breaking into a fine plume of white sea spray arching into the blue green sky.
The third is my favourite, it’s the story emerging at the foot of the pyramid pylon at the bottom right of the artwork. Here the sea water flows around the structure creating a mini wave that’s heading at right angles to the great powerful wave on the top left.   I think both waves are beautiful in their own way, although it’s the humble small wave that I like the most.  

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