The Waiting Room
Patience and hope are the key themes for these three in natures waiting room. 

I captured this image on a beautiful winters day off Collaroy’s coastline. When the sun is low on the horizon with a light coastal breeze, especially in winter, the sea sparkles. The intensity of the light on the sea has rendered these surfers as animated silhouettes. The sport of surfing rests on the surfer’s ability to wait patiently for the ocean swell to produce the perfect wave to ride. 
In this scene the two surfers at the front of the painting are in light conversation, but both are still scanning the horizon for “the one”. Floating above them is a wave ski rider; the essential odd one out in every waiting room scene. He’s not part of the waiting room conversation as his water craft is too different to be considered a regular.
When I sketched “The Waiting Room”, I wanted to understand the animation hiding within the black shadow. To understand the body language, I first painted the figures without being silhouettes. Then as the painting progressed I emulated the winter effects of the sun, shadow and water to capture the essence of a morning surf in winter.
The ski rider is twisting his head and shoulders towards a new hope on the horizon. At the top right of the painting the sparkles from the sun on the water are intensified in anticipation of a change in the swell. He’ll need to start a fast paddle, before the other two surfers do, if he hopes to catch the next wave.
This fine artwork on canvas comes with a complimentary wooden frame in white wash, silver and aqua-grey. The canvas frame is attached by 4 screws to the picture frame and is easy to remove. The frame adds 4.3 cm to the width and height of the canvas dimensions (framed dimensions are 54.3 by 64.3 cms).
Available on-line at Art Lovers Australia or

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