Argyle Stairs Saturday Night
The Argyle Stairs on a Saturday Night provides a welcoming walkway to festivities, pubs and restaurants at Sydney’s historic Rocks. The steps have been in service now for over a hundred years. Perhaps it’s the combination of architecture, clothing and people that turns the Argyle Stairs into a time machine.
In this painting I’ve tried to capture the movement generated by these steep stairs. A spotlight from the street above reflects and ricochets off the shiny black enamel of the lamp shades.
The two young people in the foreground hurry down the steps while another young couple at the bottom chat and wait for them. It’s a cold winters night and both people descending the stairs have thick overcoats with matching hoods. I hope the blue hooded jackets and black lamp poles invoke memories of a youth filled with Saturday night adventures.
Adding character to this popular staircase are the well-loved street lights. The shiny black shades are elegant and capture the essence of the 1900s. Construction of the stairs took 2 years and they were completed in 1912.

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