Never Tire
Never Tire is a painting surrounded by a sense of nostalgia and fun.
Near to the town of Nevertire, on the Great Western Plains of NSW, I found this abandoned Model A Ford in a paddock. The Model A was produced from 1927 to 1931 and assembled in Geelong Victoria, for the Australian market.
As the artwork features five tires, coming up with the title was easy, I just split the town’s name in two with a space. Thereby adding fun by leaving the artwork with a double meaning for the word “tire”. In the background of the painting three horses graze, whilst the horseless carriage tires in the long wheat grass.
Serendipity then brought me an artefact to add to this unique work during the final stages of its painting. A car hand crank, like those used in the 1930s to start the Model A Ford. Hidden in a garden for over sixty years, it was donated to the project by a good friend. I’ve made a special place for the hand crank at the back of the frame, it can be displayed hanging underneath the frame or safely stowed away from view.
Never Tire has allowed me to join art with a vital physical object that was once indispensable in starting these new confounded contraptions. The inspiration for the project came from my black and white photos and this painting has been added to my grey tone series.
I feature the colours blue, yellow, and orange to contrast with the grey and white palette. This fine artwork, complete with hand crank, comes ready to hang in my own hand crafted wooden frame.
The frame edge has been trimmed in Payne’s grey and silver to compliment the subject. The sides of the frame have been varnished to reveal the subtle greys and pinks of the wood.

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